Music composition

on September 8, 2013



One of the most well known composed piece of music is the Symphony number nine “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven. For about 200 years, this piece has been played and sung all around the world. Ode to Joy is very popular because of the way it is structured.

In the beginning, the song starts very slow and calm. It sounds almost like a lullaby with violins and woodwind instruments. Then he starts to build the song by getting louder and louder when all of a sudden they add in bass drums and the rest of the band and the sound explodes. The rhythm of the melody is a written so it makes the listener feel happy and confident. The beat is created so that the listeners can tap to the rhythm, which also creates a very uplifting feeling. Beethoven included a lot of repetition in his music that helped the melody stay inside the listeners mind. It’s so repetitive that even after the listener hears the melody, they can still hum or sing it by memory.

In the very end, not only is the whole band playing, Beethoven added in singers to create a full sound. He also speeds up the tempo of the same melody so in the end, the song is loud and fast. The fast tempo tells the listener that the song is coming to the climax and it makes the audience anxious of the end. Beethoven liked to create faint attacks in his music so he would write parts before the actual ending that sounded like it would end there, but it would continue and it would be a “got you” moment for him. He would do that a couple times until finally, he would create the actual climax and the song ends with a final note that created the ending mood.



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