Good Composition number 3

on September 15, 2013



This picture is a good composition because anyone can relate to this quote. Everybody is on a journey whether it is the journey of life, college, or work.  The quote is talking about how in order to go through a journey, the person must be brave and determined enough to start it by themselves. I think this composition is great because the adventure can be as long as a lifetime or as short as a week because the journey is different from person to person. A person can also be in a couple different journeys at the same time such as the journey to getting better grades or the journey to staying in shape.

The picture of the child climbing the stairs is a perfect image for this quote because children are starting their life long explorations growing up. The start of the journey is very exciting especially for the child and their parents.  Each step the child makes, it’s another step closer to growth.  Also, because the picture is showing a child, it symbolizes that anyone can do what they think they can. It puts the idea in the persons head that if a child can do it then they can too.

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and teacher who started the quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. He was well known for his wise quotes that have helped people with their troubles. This quote in particular is great because it motivates the audience to start something new or take on a new challenge. The audience that will be influenced can be again, anyone starting from a toddler to a grandparent.

This quote helped me a lot because when I didn’t feel confident or brave, it helped me realize that if I commit myself to it, I really can finish a journey of a thousand miles.



3 responses to “Good Composition number 3

  1. Tyler Langenderfer says:

    This composition is good especially that it applies to every age group. You do a great job at explaining how everyone has a journey. It could be big and it could be small. You helped me understand more about his picture, ideas that I didn’t even think about like Confuses saying. That helped add to the picture to be able to relate it to a very well known philosopher.

  2. perintm says:

    I really like this quote because it is a great source of motivation and positive energy. I know firsthand, just like everyone in our class, that starting new journeys can be nerve wracking, but you just need to persevere and overcome.
    As far as going in these journeys alone I can’t say that I agree. I think that for the most part there is always going to be someone there who supports you and is there for guidance when necessary.

  3. airionkosak says:

    I think this is great composition as well. The text goes perfect with the picture to me. The pictures suggest that a long journey does start with a single step. Not only does it show the single step being made. It also shows a kid making the step to go along with the quote. The quote is talking about the single step in the very beginning of the journey and little kid is little and the kid is at the beginning of their journey of life you could say. So to me it coincides with the text.

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