English Composition number 4

on September 22, 2013



This composition is great because it represents the pride and the ideas of America. The flag itself represents so many different perspectives of America. The 50 stars represent each of the fifty states and the 13 stripes represents the 13 original colonies.

The colors on the flag represents…

Red: Valor and bravery

White: Purity and innocence

Blue: Vigilance, perseverance and justice

The American flag is such a great composition itself because everyone knows what their American flag looks like. People look at it and sing the star spangled banner before games and special events with respect. People wave the flag for the support of their country during hard times of the nation. Even though it is a very simple flag, it can carry a lot of meaning to a lot of people.

The bald eagle is the official emblem of the United States, which was chosen because of the way, it flies majestically and how it displays strength. It is also a symbol for freedom. Just like the American flag, the bald eagle carries a lot of meaning. The bald eagle is used on many official documents in America.

The bald eagle is also a universal symbol for timing and victory.

On the bottom of the image, there are words of the United States Constitution. This constitution was formed in order to officially create America as a country of its own. This also represents freedom and strength.

By layering these three images into one, the composition represents all of the ideas of America. The ideas that we are a free, strong and proud country.

This composition is rhetoric because it is showing how great America is and how we don’t need words to describe what we feel. The quote that fits with this composition is “Rhetoric is one great art comprised of five lesser arts. It is speech designed to persuade.” This fits because it is just an image and yet, because of the all of the little images, the audience will automatically know what it all stands for.



3 responses to “English Composition number 4

  1. nelsonj0929 says:

    I think that the image is a good form of rhetoric. The colors of the flag and the bald eagle all represent something bigger. It represents how great of a country we live in. I can see how this would be persuading, because it could be trying to persuade people to live in America or persuade people to think that America is a great country.

  2. I like how you describe to the reader that every object and color in the picture means. This helps the audience get a better understanding of the picture. I also like how you explain rhetoric. Lastly, I like how you explain how the audience will react by their pride coming our by singing the national anthem.

  3. jazminekee1 says:

    This is a good example of a good composition and rhetoric. The symbols shown used in the image are put together thoughtfully and used to persuade the thoughts of the audience. The American Flag is a symbol of patriotism and pride. Eagle is a reminder of the strength and freedom America is supposed to possess. This is a good composition because the images are strong enough and are universal enough to grab the attention of almost any audience and at the same time these images are used to sell and convince the audience of an idea using good rhetoric.

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