English composition number 5

on September 29, 2013



This is a good composition because there are no words but it is showing the confusion of the different paths. There are three roads separating into three different directions. There is a post in the front of the picture with different signs but there are no directions, street names, or images on there to show which road goes where. The image creates a mysterious vibe because I think everyone can make a connection to it. Everyone has made a decision that they are not sure of such as picking a college, what to wear to class today, picking your major and etc. The decision could have a mysterious journey and outcome because you do not know where it will lead to but you still will need to choose a path to go down because your life will not continue until you keep going.  The sunset in the background is also showing a little urgency to choose your decision faster because it will almost be dark soon.


I think this is a good composition but an image that does not fit into our definition of rhetoric because our definition says, “Rhetoric is the art of expressing an idea using persuasion, clear language, or ornate language.” but this composition has no language at all. The signs in this image are completely empty letting the audience imagine their own topics in the signs.  Also, this composition is not persuading the audience into thinking in a certain way about anything subject or idea.  This composition is also not “expressing clearly” about anything because the different roads can fit any subject the audience wants it to be. It has no detailed examples of anything, a framework of an idea, it does not directly state an idea, or give future examples. This composition does not fit our definition of rhetoric.


3 responses to “English composition number 5

  1. Miwako,
    Something I really enjoyed about your posts was how you explore compositions that combined different texts into something new. For example, you considered the meme that combined a quote from Confucius and the image of the child, or the image that combined the US Flag, an image of a bald eagle, and sun rise. And this is something that I wonder if you could explore in more depth – how compositions build upon previous compositions. How does one composition take from or draw from previous compositions to make something new? (Again, consider the meme with the child and the Confucius quote, how that requires an already taken photo and an quote that is thousands of years old.)
    Also, how does this re-shape our understanding of the composing process? Is brainstorming the same if a compose copies or remixes an old photo, or part of a song, or works in a quote from a previous text?

  2. johns617 says:

    I agree and think this is a great example of composition but doesn’t fit our definition for rhetoric. This image does not persuade me to choose any direction and is simply just shown for the composition aspect. It shows composition well because it speaks to audiences that are making decisions or have ever made a decision in the past.

  3. I like this composition for being a good composition by our classes definition. You make many interesting comments about the unexpected decision. The most interesting one that I did not notice was how the sun is setting. I think this adds a lot to the photo that could not get picked up at first glance. I like how you say it is not an example of rhetoric because it is not convincing anything to the reader, just gets them to think about decisions they made.

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