English Composition #6

on October 6, 2013



Logos is a way to persuade an audience using hard evidence to defend your claim. Court trials are great examples of logos because lawyers use DNA evidence, witnesses, camera videos and etc. to prove their client is not guilty or that the other one is. 

I think this picture is a great composition because the gavel, which is what the trial judge uses to confirm a decision, is in the middle of the picture and the background that the audience sits is blurred. The judge listens to the evidence and the proof each side gives and then makes the decision whether or not they are sent to jail.  Of course being sent to jail is a life-changing event so the judge must choose carefully in order to make the best choice possible. The moment the trial judge makes a decision and bangs the gavel, it means that is their final decision. The blurred audience in the background mixes the people who are watching such as family members and friends who came to watch how the trial goes. The decision the judge makes also affects them as well so the picture focuses on the gavel because it shows how important a trial judge is.


Lawyers use a lot of logos to influence the trial judge. They use blood and DNA evidence to show who was at the crime scene. They use witnesses to prove that someone was seen at the crime scene or was seen doing a suspicious act. They use video recordings to prove the same things as witnesses. By using a lot of logo evidences, it can influence the trial judge more because it is hard proof where anyone can see it. People can make up different scenarios and excuses to try and influence people but with logo evidence, no one can make up any situations which makes it more believable. 



One response to “English Composition #6

  1. jazminekee1 says:

    I agree with Miwako. Her use of lawyers and the process of court really brings home how logos work. Logos are extremely important when it comes to winning a court case. In court the evidence presented by each side is equivalent to the logos used in rhetoric. The evidence and logos need to make since and the audience or jury needs hard facts and or good sources in order to be persuaded.

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