Composition 7

on October 21, 2013


I chose “How social media affects teenagers” as my public topic for my good composition.

Many people in the world use social media such as facebook, twitter, snap chat, instagram and just texting to connect with others and spread their ideas. Social media both has their positives and their negatives. Some of the positives of social media includes sharing pictures, popular news topics and ideas of various topics for others to look at and learn from. Some of the negatives of social media include people “living in cyberspace” instead of living a life outside the computer and posting negative or rude comments/ topics online where other people can be offended. Social media basically has made it so people all over the world can connect and share ideas and thoughts.

This picture is a good composition of social media because it has collected the different icons of popular websites people use. The people who use these websites will be able to see the symbol and automatically know what it means. Each icon has their own color and letter/symbol to represent themselves. Facebook has a specific dark blue background with a white lowercase f for Facebook. Youtube is a very popular website where people can watch and upload videos for the world to watch. The icon on the right of facebook is used on the website and apps for Youtube. When someone who is well known with the these icons looks at these pictures, they will automatically know that they symbolize the popular websites.

This picture is good because the smart phones and the itouches in the world have touch screens where these icons are all stacked together like this. It looks like a screen for the popular devices so many people can relate to this picture well. Social media is used very frequently by many people around the world. Even if people are from different countries, they will still be able to look at an icon and know what website it’s from. It is a way to make the vast world smaller by connecting everyone and their thoughts into one website.


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