Annotated Bib: Social Media #1

on October 24, 2013


The author created “bullet points” to emphasize the important short phrases. The author also bolded the first sentence to really emphasize these areas to make it short and sweet and to the point. The author also posted a picture of a man in a business suit with his head in his hands looking down. The audience can assume that the man in the picture did not follow the rules about social media and lost his job or something else bad happened. The author is trying to point out how if we do not follow the rules the author has given us about social media, it can hurt us as well.

The whole blog is very well organized so it is easy for the reader to find important information fast.

Logos: common sense list

Pathos: “You can Lose your job” pressure

Ethos: Huffingtonpost.com has credibility itself


This helps argue the stance.


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