Annotated Bibliographies #2 cons

on October 29, 2013


Social Media has grown from nothing to everything over the short time span of 20 years or so. The internet has made it so it is a lot easier to connect with people around the world. Facebook, twitter, snap chat, instagram etc. have all helped spread ideas, pictures, blogs and entertainment to family, friends and to new people.

The first article explains how people can use social media to use it professionally for example applying for a new job. You can show pictures of your past work and connections with friends and what you have been working all on your own section.

This article is not too popular but it still has 38 shares and 107 likes on Facebook and 14 tweets.


This is arguing and informing what social media can do in a positive aspect.


2 responses to “Annotated Bibliographies #2 cons

  1. hayamam says:

    Please use this one because the article has both pros and cons of social media and why.

  2. Miwako,
    Something I have been thinking about your issue is the Modes that are used to discuss it. Specifically, how it seems that modes other than social media are used to discuss social media? For example, this is a website article, not a tweet, not a Facebook post, not a vine, etc. So, this leads me to wonder why? Why do people who want to talk about Social Media and its pros or cons, aka the conversation about the public issue, do they use Modes other than Social Media? What does this say about the audience for the issue? What does this say about whether or not the people who use social media are actually involved in the discussion about social media? And most general question, why not use Facebook to comment on or make arguments about Facebook, why do people use other Modes?

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