Annotate bib 12 cons

on November 7, 2013


This article is very interesting because the author is talking about adults acting like teenagers again because of social media. In the world of social media, it is starting to be “cool” to spell words wrong or shorten them such as “LOL”, “YOLO” and “OMG”. Social media is the place for teenagers to be able to be rude and complain about what is going on in theirs lives. When adults start using social media, they are also starting to act like teenagers in order to follow the trend.


One response to “Annotate bib 12 cons

  1. Miwako,
    You covered a good range of spaces and modes. However, after your first couple posts for this Annotated Bib, your posts got increasingly shorter and less and less specific. Eventually your posts simply summarized sources instead of covering their rhetoric and composition. Your Annotated Bib was more or less supposed to be a focused, “Good Composition and Good Rhetoric blog” about texts concerning your public issue. Yet, your posts quickly became little more than one or two sentence summaries of many of the sources.

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