Good Composition blog Social media

on November 8, 2013



This composition is effective on my part because the rabbit is worried about the lack of deep communication in the world between individuals and the dog responds by simply responding “like”. You can like or comment on a status on Facebook and the dog simply responds in a way they are using the internet even though they walking side by side together. The rabbit is looking at a cellphone while they are both walking making the audience assume the rabbit just posted the worry on Facebook. This composition is ironic because the rabbit is worried that Facebook is destroying conversations yet, the rabbit is using Facebook as a way to tell everyone. The response from the dog indicates the worries of the rabbit is true because they are not having a meaningful conversation but a social media conversation in person. I think it is interesting that the author used animals in this composition instead of actual people. Rabbits and dogs are considered very cute and very popular as a pet. The author used these animals to show innocence in the conversation. People who are innocent and young such as children and teenagers are the ones who are using social media the most so the author is representing the younger generation using social media by using the dog and the rabbit. 

This text is not effective for other conversations because it does not have anything to do with global warming, smoking or any other conversation. There is no way anyone can look at this and include the temperature rising or about second hand smoking in their conversation using this composition. The main point of the worries of the rabbit are the problems Facebook is creating between individuals in a social way. It is very hard to change the subject to make this composition be included in another conversation. 


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