International Game’s Day

on November 17, 2013

At the International Game’s Day, there were board games such as Sorry, Cards and Timeline. There were video games such as Mario, Football and Call of Duty. I think Dance Dance Revolution and Candy Crush are games but they were not at the event.  There were ARG’s such as Call of Duty. I think games were discussed/defined as being able to bring together all different types of people despite their age, gender or background. An argument made about games was whether or not the game is fun or not and if it is for children. The room was divided so the video games were in the back of the room and the board games were in the front. The people in the back playing video games were mostly boys around the age of 8-11and some fathers while the people in the front on the room playing board games were mostly mothers and smaller children. I think this separation shows the different desires for each group. The people playing video games want action and excitement while the people playing board games wanted to play a simple game while talking to friends. The contrast of which game is popular and which are not was great as well. The popular video games and board games were always being played while the less popular ones were left on the side table alone. Some games were never touched and opened. I agree there is an argument between the popular games and the less popular games. People want to play games that are popular because they are told that it is fun and a lot of people know how to play so it is easier to find a group of friends to play with. The less popular games are not as known to everyone making it hard to have people play it because they do not understand the game as well. If not a lot of people are willing to play then it is harder to gather a group to enjoy the game with. 


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