Annotated bib #6 cons spelling


This article explains the negative spelling errors that happen on social media. It talks about how spelling words wrong is a the norm in when people send a tweet or post a blog. 

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Annotated bib #4 pros

Major companies have started to talk about the impacts on social media as well.  The Washington Times (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jan/28/social-networking-benefits-validated/?page=all)

talks about social media as a positive impact on children.

They talk about how the internet is helping children learn about social and technical skills. This post also points out how people can share their own ideas and that it is helping the people who are too shy or scared to talk to someone in person express what they are thinking.


This is informing and arguing the positive points of social media.

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Annotated bibliography #3 cons


This is explaining the negatives and the drawbacks of social media. The author points out that the most negative draw back of social media is that it makes identity theft easier. People especially younger people tend to add personal information and their whereabouts on their personal profiles where anyone can see them. They can add their age, their birthday, their email, and even their own home address. People can very easily use the information to steal their identity .


This is informing and arguing the negative points of social media.


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Annotated Bibliographies #2 cons


Social Media has grown from nothing to everything over the short time span of 20 years or so. The internet has made it so it is a lot easier to connect with people around the world. Facebook, twitter, snap chat, instagram etc. have all helped spread ideas, pictures, blogs and entertainment to family, friends and to new people.

The first article explains how people can use social media to use it professionally for example applying for a new job. You can show pictures of your past work and connections with friends and what you have been working all on your own section.

This article is not too popular but it still has 38 shares and 107 likes on Facebook and 14 tweets.


This is arguing and informing what social media can do in a positive aspect.


Annotated Bib: Social Media #1


The author created “bullet points” to emphasize the important short phrases. The author also bolded the first sentence to really emphasize these areas to make it short and sweet and to the point. The author also posted a picture of a man in a business suit with his head in his hands looking down. The audience can assume that the man in the picture did not follow the rules about social media and lost his job or something else bad happened. The author is trying to point out how if we do not follow the rules the author has given us about social media, it can hurt us as well.

The whole blog is very well organized so it is easy for the reader to find important information fast.

Logos: common sense list

Pathos: “You can Lose your job” pressure

Ethos: Huffingtonpost.com has credibility itself


This helps argue the stance.

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Composition 7


I chose “How social media affects teenagers” as my public topic for my good composition.

Many people in the world use social media such as facebook, twitter, snap chat, instagram and just texting to connect with others and spread their ideas. Social media both has their positives and their negatives. Some of the positives of social media includes sharing pictures, popular news topics and ideas of various topics for others to look at and learn from. Some of the negatives of social media include people “living in cyberspace” instead of living a life outside the computer and posting negative or rude comments/ topics online where other people can be offended. Social media basically has made it so people all over the world can connect and share ideas and thoughts.

This picture is a good composition of social media because it has collected the different icons of popular websites people use. The people who use these websites will be able to see the symbol and automatically know what it means. Each icon has their own color and letter/symbol to represent themselves. Facebook has a specific dark blue background with a white lowercase f for Facebook. Youtube is a very popular website where people can watch and upload videos for the world to watch. The icon on the right of facebook is used on the website and apps for Youtube. When someone who is well known with the these icons looks at these pictures, they will automatically know that they symbolize the popular websites.

This picture is good because the smart phones and the itouches in the world have touch screens where these icons are all stacked together like this. It looks like a screen for the popular devices so many people can relate to this picture well. Social media is used very frequently by many people around the world. Even if people are from different countries, they will still be able to look at an icon and know what website it’s from. It is a way to make the vast world smaller by connecting everyone and their thoughts into one website.

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English Composition #6



Logos is a way to persuade an audience using hard evidence to defend your claim. Court trials are great examples of logos because lawyers use DNA evidence, witnesses, camera videos and etc. to prove their client is not guilty or that the other one is. 

I think this picture is a great composition because the gavel, which is what the trial judge uses to confirm a decision, is in the middle of the picture and the background that the audience sits is blurred. The judge listens to the evidence and the proof each side gives and then makes the decision whether or not they are sent to jail.  Of course being sent to jail is a life-changing event so the judge must choose carefully in order to make the best choice possible. The moment the trial judge makes a decision and bangs the gavel, it means that is their final decision. The blurred audience in the background mixes the people who are watching such as family members and friends who came to watch how the trial goes. The decision the judge makes also affects them as well so the picture focuses on the gavel because it shows how important a trial judge is.


Lawyers use a lot of logos to influence the trial judge. They use blood and DNA evidence to show who was at the crime scene. They use witnesses to prove that someone was seen at the crime scene or was seen doing a suspicious act. They use video recordings to prove the same things as witnesses. By using a lot of logo evidences, it can influence the trial judge more because it is hard proof where anyone can see it. People can make up different scenarios and excuses to try and influence people but with logo evidence, no one can make up any situations which makes it more believable. 


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English composition number 5



This is a good composition because there are no words but it is showing the confusion of the different paths. There are three roads separating into three different directions. There is a post in the front of the picture with different signs but there are no directions, street names, or images on there to show which road goes where. The image creates a mysterious vibe because I think everyone can make a connection to it. Everyone has made a decision that they are not sure of such as picking a college, what to wear to class today, picking your major and etc. The decision could have a mysterious journey and outcome because you do not know where it will lead to but you still will need to choose a path to go down because your life will not continue until you keep going.  The sunset in the background is also showing a little urgency to choose your decision faster because it will almost be dark soon.


I think this is a good composition but an image that does not fit into our definition of rhetoric because our definition says, “Rhetoric is the art of expressing an idea using persuasion, clear language, or ornate language.” but this composition has no language at all. The signs in this image are completely empty letting the audience imagine their own topics in the signs.  Also, this composition is not persuading the audience into thinking in a certain way about anything subject or idea.  This composition is also not “expressing clearly” about anything because the different roads can fit any subject the audience wants it to be. It has no detailed examples of anything, a framework of an idea, it does not directly state an idea, or give future examples. This composition does not fit our definition of rhetoric.


English Composition number 4



This composition is great because it represents the pride and the ideas of America. The flag itself represents so many different perspectives of America. The 50 stars represent each of the fifty states and the 13 stripes represents the 13 original colonies.

The colors on the flag represents…

Red: Valor and bravery

White: Purity and innocence

Blue: Vigilance, perseverance and justice

The American flag is such a great composition itself because everyone knows what their American flag looks like. People look at it and sing the star spangled banner before games and special events with respect. People wave the flag for the support of their country during hard times of the nation. Even though it is a very simple flag, it can carry a lot of meaning to a lot of people.

The bald eagle is the official emblem of the United States, which was chosen because of the way, it flies majestically and how it displays strength. It is also a symbol for freedom. Just like the American flag, the bald eagle carries a lot of meaning. The bald eagle is used on many official documents in America.

The bald eagle is also a universal symbol for timing and victory.

On the bottom of the image, there are words of the United States Constitution. This constitution was formed in order to officially create America as a country of its own. This also represents freedom and strength.

By layering these three images into one, the composition represents all of the ideas of America. The ideas that we are a free, strong and proud country.

This composition is rhetoric because it is showing how great America is and how we don’t need words to describe what we feel. The quote that fits with this composition is “Rhetoric is one great art comprised of five lesser arts. It is speech designed to persuade.” This fits because it is just an image and yet, because of the all of the little images, the audience will automatically know what it all stands for.



Good Composition number 3



This picture is a good composition because anyone can relate to this quote. Everybody is on a journey whether it is the journey of life, college, or work.  The quote is talking about how in order to go through a journey, the person must be brave and determined enough to start it by themselves. I think this composition is great because the adventure can be as long as a lifetime or as short as a week because the journey is different from person to person. A person can also be in a couple different journeys at the same time such as the journey to getting better grades or the journey to staying in shape.

The picture of the child climbing the stairs is a perfect image for this quote because children are starting their life long explorations growing up. The start of the journey is very exciting especially for the child and their parents.  Each step the child makes, it’s another step closer to growth.  Also, because the picture is showing a child, it symbolizes that anyone can do what they think they can. It puts the idea in the persons head that if a child can do it then they can too.

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and teacher who started the quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. He was well known for his wise quotes that have helped people with their troubles. This quote in particular is great because it motivates the audience to start something new or take on a new challenge. The audience that will be influenced can be again, anyone starting from a toddler to a grandparent.

This quote helped me a lot because when I didn’t feel confident or brave, it helped me realize that if I commit myself to it, I really can finish a journey of a thousand miles.